The Same, Yet Different

A few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to test shoot my good friend Taylor Ahrend. Its been a long while coming as our schedules just couldnt quite line up to shoot, until now. Meanwhile a long time friend of mine and great photographer, Larae Lobdell made the move down to Miami from Seattle! So I invited her to come along and shoot with me and Taylor. (Larae has also written a fantastic blog about this adventure, be sure to check it out here and show some love!) Here are the events that followed.

Thus how this blog was born. I wanted to write about one aspect of photography that makes it such an art. The fact that two photographers could shoot the same model in the same location and get insanely different results. We started shooting in Coco Walk, simply roaming around and shooting what caught our eye with Taylor. It was very interesting to see how both our styles contrasted with each others. Theyre a lot of different aspects to photography, lighting, angles, poses, lenses, camera settings and so on. Ill spare you the long list of options that can be used when taking a single image.  During our shoot together I realized that  Larae is an absolute master when it comes to helping the model pose in a way that best showcases their features. She would slow down and take time to explain to the model specifically what her vision was. Then Larae would effectively have the model mirror her so the pose was absolutely perfect for the image. We proceeded to roam outside of Coco Walk and came across a gem. The Coconut Grove Fire Dept. We asked the fire dept. if we could use their truck for a few shots. The guys were more than happy to host us and went above and beyond in allowing us to use their gear and trucks for the photos! Below are the results of our unforgettable photo adventure.

My images are on the left, Larae’s are on the right/ page2 page3 page4

I love doing collaborations like this because its a blast to see how different our takes are on lighting, posing, lenses etc. Allows you to really bounce ideas off of each other as well as learn from each other in the process.

Once was all said and done we concluded with a great shot of the group. I mean come on, were photographers…of course we did. Shot, compliments of Larae! Taylor Ahrend and Miami Firefighters

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