One question I get asked frequently is what my workflow is. How I edit, tools I use, programs, the order in which I make my edits etc. Ive been meaning to post this video for quite sometime just to shed some light on my workflow process and hopefully give you guys a better understanding of my editing process.

I start off with using Photo Mechanic 5, one of the best programs Ive found that allows me to make my selects and rate the RAW image files straight from camera seamlessly. Next step really depends on what ive shot and how intensive the editing needs to be for the end result to be what the client needs. If its something that doesnt require much tweaking ill go ahead and use PS Lightroom. I have a few presets ive already custom made that gives that warm tone to my images. If the images need more retouching ill go ahead and load them into Photoshop Camera Raw, make necessary tweaks then continue into Photoshop.

I made a video, recording this process and all the tweaks I do to my photos to take them just a step above the norm. Most of the time my images stay pretty natural and true to the original file that comes straight off camera. For demonstration purposes I edited a little more than I usually do in the video below. Of course for the sake of time I also sped up the video a bit. If you have any questions dont hesitate to send me an email at Enjoy!



This is the end result.


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