The process of creating an image has always fascinated me. The techniques and styles put into them from start to finish. Being in the industry for as long as I have and having the pleasure of meeting so many amazing photographers, ive noticed they all have one thing in common. The images you see them create in one form or another is a direct reflection of themselves. Which I think is quite amazing how we can showcase that in the images we take.

For awhile now ive been wanting to do a collaboration with one of my great friends and amazing photographers Lauren Laveria, despite the distance between us. After some thought I wanted to combine our styles together in a way that I have yet to see featured else where. We exchanged some of our raw unedited images from our most recent shoots and edited them in our own styles. Directly below are some of my images from a recent editorial I shot in NYC. The images on the left are edits made by me, the edits on the right were made by Lauren Laveria.


Edits by Ace Noguera                                                               Edits by Lauren Laveriacomparison1





We have a lot of creative freedom when taking a photo, anything from angles, crops, colors, techniques in post processing etc. The list goes on, as you can see that greatly impacts the end result of how each picture looks. Below is a set shot by Lauren Laveria and edited by me. You can see how crazy the contrast is between styles and edits.

       Edits by Ace Noguera                                                               Edits by Lauren Laveriacomparison-1-Lauren



Stay posted for a video series I will be coming out with shortly, based off of the different styles of photographers and how they interact on set! Hope you enjoyed the post and images. If you want to follow me for more cool images check out my Instagram.

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