Lately ive been focused on revamping my site. Just updating content, creating new content and polishing everything. One of the new things I created was a title intro card for all my new video content that I will be coming out with weekly. The video content will consist of behind the scenes, retouching tutorials, tips and tricks that ill be doing on set and what ever else others request for me to post up. In these videos youll get a glimpse of what its like to be on set with me and how I shoot the images I do as well as all the good stuff that happens in post once the images are on my computer!

Kicking off 2.0 with this awesome behind the scenes video of my look book shoot for Dungeon Forward. I was first introduced to this badass brand about 5 years ago. Its been amazing to see how far its come and be a part of its growth in a few different ways. I truly believe in the brands principles and their high quality apparel. They represent the artistic and creative industries such as music, art and street culture. Fusing these elements together Dungeon Forward has been able to creative some stunningly unique apparel. Check out their website here for more info and take a gander at the awesomeness. If you used the code ACES10 you can save %10 on your order. Support local and support the ambitions of others. I hope you enjoy the content below as much as I did making it for you guys. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and stay up to date with the content as soon as its out!




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