Welcome back to another Compare and Contrast blog! Today my photos and edits go head to head with Triet Nguyen’s. I recently met Triet through an event I hosted a few weeks back and I gotta say, his journey in photography although hasn’t been a long one yet, he’s made strides in improving the craft.  I always love meeting photographers that are new to the game because it allows me to see how their style evolves and how their personalities become embedded in their photos. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get his name out there a little more and show you guys how our styles differ.

First up is Triet’s images with both our different editing styles side by side.

                                                                                                                      (My edits are on the left and his are on the right)

Our shooting styles have become very similar. Triet’s style has been changing into something a little more lifestyle like with warmer tones. The images above are perfect examples. Now the images below were shot by me on my trusty Fujifilm XT-2. My edits will be on the top/left. For this specific image, i wanted to go for a “cooler” (temperature) look. So it’s a little different than my normal warm, bright and vibrant look.

Thanks for checking out the blog and seeing how our styles and edits differ. If you’d like to see more blogs like this stay tuned! If you’re interested in checking out more of Triet’s work you can check out his instagram @trtngn.  See you next time


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