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A Dutch Secret

A Dutch Secret

Thorn the “White Town”. If you’ve heard of this sweet little town prior to reading this I’m impressed. Thorn is located in the south of Holland in the province of Limburg. Thorn has a whopping population of only 2600 people. Now you know what I mean when I say small. This tiny town is known for its old white houses, beautiful buildings, and churches. Thorn is home to over 15 churches within just a few mile radius.

Taken By Chanel H

While wondering around Thorn I came across this little pathway. There were no signs indicating what the pathway was for so I decided to find out myself. Much to my surprise, it was a little workshop for an artist named Marjolijn. Marjolijn specializes in clay sculpture. She recreates the beautiful chapels found in Thron, using clay. Each one is delicately sculpted by hand. She also does custom work, she has had clients from all over the world hire her to sculpt, their houses, buildings, schools and everything in between.

These are all the churches in Thorn and where they are in relation to each other. Obviously scaled down, however, you can get an idea for their proximity to each other.  Inside her workshop, you can see her pending projects and completed projects waiting for shipment.  Her workbench overlooks the gorgeous garden right outside the window.      

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It was a pleasure speaking with her and learning more about her and her work. To find more info check out her site at (Its in dutch though!) Till next time!

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