Allbirds Moodboard

I put this mood board together to help you visualize a little bit of what I’d like to capture while working together. Hopefully, it helps! I would love to film a short commercial spot showcasing your footwear, I plan for this to be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and will most likely have different edits so, 2-3 videos may come of this. I have added a couple of video references below to give you an idea. I have other creative ideas of my own I plan to implement however, this will give you a general idea. I love the overall lifestyle look of these showcasing your footwear in a natural realistic way.


I would also like to photograph¬†a commercial looking ad campaign for your brand as well. I have a stylist,make up artist and creative director on board for this project. This photoshoot will revolve around still images similar to the ones found below in the “Photo References” section of this page.

Since I will be using this content to continue building my commercial I work, this content will come at no extra cost to you. (how awesome is that!?) I would simply like to offer an exchange of this commercial and ad campaign for 4 pairs of shoes (2 for women and 2 for men). This will allow the models to showcase your footwear while I create the content.


I would love to hear your feedback and any ideas you may have as well. Feel free to email me back and we can chat about it. Lets create something awesome together!

Video References

Photo References