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Make Your Client Archive

The client archive in Azalea lets you effortlessly create a neatly organized page listing all your clients in one place. The awesome proofing page where the clients can select and download their favorite photographs is accessible from this list with just a single mouse click


Create Your Shop

Thanks to its full compatibility with the powerful and practical WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce, Azalea helps you set up and manage an online store the easy way. Launch your shop today and start selling your awesome photography work with the help of Azalea.

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Photo Proofing

The proofing gallery included in Azalea is an awesome way to communicate with clients regarding your photography work. Upload entire sets of photos for individual clients to their personalized pages and let them look through and download the photographs they select and approve

Quick & Easy. No Coding Required

Azalea makes website creation simple. You don’t need to know a single line of code to create a beautiful online presentation.


Portfolio Singles

If you are looking for a way to showcase your work with style, Azalea’s gorgeous and fully customizable single project layouts let you achieve just that without putting in much effort

Key Features

Azalea’s wide array of extremely useful & user-friendly elements and features turn website creation into a cakewalk. Get started now & see just how easy it is to make the website you always wanted.


Azalea comes with elements made specifically for photographers, including the client list, password protected pages, and the proofing gallery

Portfolio Lists

Use our portfolio lists to create amazing galleries of your work. It’s easy, intuitive, and most important of all, your work is sure to command attention


Your website is sure to look pixel-perfect when viewed on all types of devices and screen sizes, including devices with high-density retina displays

Fully Customizable

Azalea is a fully flexible theme. All elements, pages and every other aspect of your website can be effortlessly adapted to fit your specific needs

Social Media Share

Completely prepared for social media. Azalea comes with integrated social share buttons as well as Instagram and Twitter feed widgets

Free Plugins

Two amazing plugins are included for free with Azalea: the Revolution Slider plugin & the intuitive drag-and-drop Visual Composer page builder

Workshop Reviews

Amanda Deso

This workshop gives you clear knowledge of how to use the camera. You get to practice and ask any questions you have and get answers right away! Great value for the money


Karen T.

Awesome workshop, Ace the instructor was very thorough and knew how to explain things in a way I could easily understand. Was always helpful if I didnt understand something.


Travis S.

Ace's natural light class really helped me see things differently. He was very nice, good listener and always willing to help. I will be taking another class with him soon!


Camera Basics Photography 101

Camera Basics is an introductions to digital photography and an excellent place to learn the fundamentals of your camera. From ISO to Aperture and everything between I'll teach you how to bring it all together to get the best photos out of your camera.

Natural Light Portraits

The proper use of natural light can make or break your photo. In this workshop you'll learn how to properly use natural light to your advantage no matter where you are.

Fundamentals of Lightroom

Students will learn to perform basic and some advanced functions such as cropping, white balance, noise reduction, using gradients and more with just a few clicks!

Off Camera Flash

Using off camera flash in your photos can really make them pop. Give them a more dramatic and cinematic feel. This class will show you how to create fantastic images using off camera flash.