Ace Noguera

Ace is a commercial photographer who has a real gift for reading in-between the lines. When a natural moment happens, he knows it and captures it. Ace has won awards for his photography and has been internationally recognized by magazines across the globe.  His desire to capture incredible images for his projects has taken him around the world. With a knack for teaching and helping others, Ace is able to creatively deliver educational content in an inspiring and entertaining manner making learning photography easy and fun.
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Amanda Deso

This workshop gives you clear knowledge of how to use the camera. You get to practice and ask any questions you have and get answers right away! Great value for the money


Karen T.

Awesome workshop, Ace the instructor was very thorough and knew how to explain things in a way I could easily understand. Was always helpful if I didnt understand something.


Travis S.

Ace's natural light class really helped me see things differently. He was very nice, good listener and always willing to help. I will be taking another class with him soon!



Camera Basics Photography 101

Camera Basics is an introduction to digital photography and an excellent place to learn the fundamentals of your camera. From ISO to Aperture and everything between I’ll teach you how to bring it all together to get the best photos out of your camera.


Natural Light Portraits

The proper use of natural light can make or break your photo. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to properly use natural light to your advantage no matter where you are.


Fundamentals Of Lightroom

Students will learn to perform basic and some advanced functions such as cropping, white balance, noise reduction, using gradients and more with just a few clicks!



Using off camera flash in your photos can really make them pop. Give them a more dramatic and cinematic feel. This class will show you how to create fantastic images using off camera flash.