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Your New Camera Gear Is Useless

Your New Camera Gear Is Useless

Its holiday season again…yay… Everyones filled with holiday cheer and a desire to purchase things they most likely don’t need. One thing I notice around this time of year is a lot of people buying  new camera gear. Maybe its the “deals” or maybe you’ve been played into the commercialism of the season. I get it, getting new gear can be fun and exciting however there’s one problem that keeps popping up. Even though lots have been upgrading their gear it stops there. Their work has not been upgraded as well. After all, isn’t that the point? What good does it do to spend upwards of 5k on some new gear if your work looks just like it did prior to the “upgraded” gear? Congratulations, you spent $5k to have your photos look the same.

“A camera is only as good as the person behind it.”

With protectionism being at an all-time high with some of the most popular camera brands on the market today, there is literally not a better time than now to take a step back from getting caught up in the gear and focus on something that really matters. YOUR SKILL. If you take a look at some of the new cameras and their predecessors you can easily see almost no “upgrades” have been made to the tech itself. These brands are simply throttling the tech so they can come out with “newer” “updated” gear more frequently and take your money. Now, this is a point that can definitely be argued, I get it. However, my initial point still stands. A camera is only as good as the person behind it.



Instead of getting offended by this blog think of it more as a challenge than anything else. Why spend all that money yet, be ok producing the same quality of work? Do you want to get better fast? Go into every one of your shoots from here on out with the mentality that you NEED to produce the best images you ever have. Take a second to think about the shot before even taking it, how can you make it better? We as photographers go into shoots usually just letting the subconscious take over. Push the comfortability out of your mind, be challenged, leave yourself no other option but to increase your skill. Take a minute to take in everything in your frame before you even lift your camera to your face.



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